CD - The Infinite Road


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Toyz - The Infinite Road (CD)

Conceptual design and realisation of the artwork for the CD "The Infinite Road" by Toyz.
Client: Toyz

At the first meeting with the band, the concept of the Infinite Journey arose, symbolised by fractals, the infinity symbol and the Möbius strip. So "The Infinite Journey" became the provisional title for the CD.
From five concepts the band decided on the Escher inspired idea of a Möbius ring world, provided it would be surfaced with realistic landscapes.
That in turn lead to the idea to link each track of the CD to a specific location on the ring and to create an image of that location for utilisation in the CD-booklet and at the new Toyz website.
The ring world was modeled in 3D and for the song Departure an entire castle was built, based on the Oostpoort in Delft.
The illustrations are dealt with separately in the Portfolio illustrations.


Front cover CD-booklet.
larger image: 500x500 or 1075x1075

Backside CD casing (CD inlay).
larger image: 877x691 or 1300x1024


larger image: 793x529 or 1587x1058

larger image: 793x529 or 1587x1058